The Millennium

Pictures of the Millenium, the New Jerusalem, the Garden of Eden, etc. ... Our new forever home with Christ.

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Always take time when studying God's word to notice the repetitions in the text. It is because of the repetitions of the words/phrases, "judged/judgment" and "lake of fire", in Revelation 20:1-21:1, that we know that verses 20:1-10 and 20:11-21:1 are parallel passages... complementing descriptions of the same prophetic vision, of the same future historical event.

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Notice the repetition of "the earth and the heaven" or "the heaven and the earth" in Revelation 20:11-21:1... that there is a "first" version of these and a "new" version. What happened to the "first" to necessitate a "new"?

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The full parallel structure is visible between Revelation 20:1-10 and Revelation 20:11-21:1 only when it is recognized that the total and utter destruction of or fleeing or passing away of the first heaven and first earth in the latter is the abyss or bottomless pit in the former.

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