Daniel 11 and 12

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The historical details for each of the sections of Daniel 11 and 12.

  1. Daniel 11:2 - the Persian period
  2. Daniel 11:3-15 - the Hellenic period of Alexander the Great and successors
  3. Daniel 11:16-22 - the Roman period
  4. Daniel 11:23-40a - the pre-1798 Papacy period
  5. Daniel 11:40b-12:3 - the post-1798 Papacy period
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The chiastic structure formed by the different historical periods, from Persia through to the post-1798 Papacy, seen in type and symbol.

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In order to clearly see this structure, it is important to notice the similar terminology for the two opposing sides in both the Hellenic and pre-1798 Papacy periods... one is called the "king of the north" and the other is called the "king of the south." Next, you need to realize that both the king of the north and Michael are types of two of Persia's monarchs... Michael is a type of Cyrus the Great while the king the north is a type of Cambyses II. Both Michael and the king of the north are described in terms very similar to their respective Persian monarchs.

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De sorte que ce n'est pas sans sujet qu'on nomme en Italie, le Général des Jesuites il Papa nero, le Pape noir.

Harmonie des Prophéties Anciennes avec les Modernes, Cologne: Pierre Marteau, 1686, p. 252.

[Translation: So it is not without subject that in Italy they name the General of the Jesuits il Papa nero, the black Pope.]

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