Back in 2009...

Screenshot of YouTube channel "Nature in Song"I have been on YouTube since 2009, though not actively/consistently producing prophecy content over that entire period, from 2009 until the present. In the beginning, much of my content dealt with Chinese characters and nature videos. The nature videos now have their own YouTube channel called Nature in Song. I still have a lot of unused nature video footage, the best of what I had filmed in 2009, and so I will have to eventually find the time to make new nature videos.

The End Time Big Picture

Screenshot of YouTube channel "The End Time Big Picture" My first channel was called The End Time Big Picture (TETBP) which is notable for prophecy studies/interpretation/decipherment as it was where I first attempted to use multimedia to teach prophecy. Using Blender, a free 3D animation package, I created 3D animation for the prophetic dream/vision of King Nebuchadnezzar as recorded in the Bible's Daniel chapter 2. My understanding of Daniel 2's dream has changed somewhat since then, and for sure if I were to create that video now it would look different. In particular, the imagery of the mountain would be very different. The video was never completed as it was supposed to have a 2nd part consisting of the dream's/vision's interpretation. I do plan on redoing the whole animation in the next year or so in conjunction with my newest YouTube channel, Armageddon. I actively produced content for YouTube and The End Time Big Picture for 6 months to 1 year and then stopped, moving on to study health. I did not again return to YouTube and prophecy for 7 years until 2016.

A Weapon for Our Times: Daniel and Revelation

Screenshot of YouTube channel "A Weapon for Our Times: Daniel and Revelation"In 2015 I started studying prophecy with a passion as a result of some interactions I had with an atheist at work. During these personal studies, I saw God open up prophecy to me like never before. I saw parts of Daniel (e.g. Daniel 11), that have mystified the church for 2000 years, become simple and clear. In 2016 after failing to produce much local interest, amongst my friends and fellow church members, in studying prophecy, I returned to YouTube and the result was my first channel dedicated exclusively to prophesy, A Weapon for Our Times: Daniel and Revelation. The name comes from the fact that one of prophecies purposes is to bring about the end of the world... to destroy Babylon, this world of deception.

5 Min 2 Eternity

Screenshot of YouTube channel "5 Min 2 Eternity"

Even though I had spent so much time and put in so much effort into the videos in A Weapon for Our Times, they were receiving a pitiful number of views. I decided that maybe the format I had chosen was not ideal for the typical North American, be they Christian or non-Christian, with our fast-paced society, always on the go and stressed. I needed to cut the longish videos of A Weapon for Our Times into pieces of 10 minutes long or less, ideal for watching while on the go on a cellphone or while taking a short break in the middle of the workday. I did this and 5 Min 2 Eternity (5 Minutes to Eternity) was born. My first direct attempt to warn the people of this world of the nearness of eternity.

Brother John, Are you sleeping?

Screenshot of YouTube channel "Brother John, Are you sleeping?"Despite making the videos shorter, as I thought, more easily digestible, this second prophecy channel was getting even fewer views than the first had. Without completing the conversion of the videos of A Weapon for Our Times to the shorter format, I immediately went ahead and created another new channel, my second reincarnation of A Weapon for Our Times. This one kept the shortened format of 5 Min 2 Eternity but also tried to clean up the videos a bit more. This time I asked my fellow Christians why they were so blind to the nearness of eternity and Brother John [and sister Jane], Are you sleeping? was birthed.

I have failed again! This last prophecy channel is not really any better received than any of the previous ones. But I cannot give up trying to give this to the world. Having studied so long and been showed so much... though it takes the remaining years of my life and every ounce of my strength, I must keep going. I know that the truth I have been shown in prophecy is what the world needs, to be set free. So on to another prophecy channel... ARMAGEDDON!

Are All These Channels Relevant?

Yes! For the moment at least! Each one has something that is missing in each of the others, especially A Weapon for Our Times and Brother John, Are you sleeping? So until my current channel is completed, each is relevant and not just a step in the process of the development of my understanding. After that, they will indeed be irrelevant. Nothing more than history.