To the 144,000, to those who long for a better land,

Do you desire Christ above all else? Do you desire to be with Him for all eternity never to leave His side? Have the pleasures of this world grown old? Do you long for a better place... for a heavenly land... not tomorrow, or today, but yesterday? Are you willing to give all for Christ... all that not another will die without a knowledge of the truth and a chance to decided for or against Christ?

It is for those, at this time, in these last days, who love God wholly, who will not stand for a surface understanding of the scriptures, that this website is for... the 144,000. It is the 144,000, a people on fire with a love of God and for saving souls, that will need a complete understanding of the history of the fall of the church to rescue as many souls as is possible from Babylon by tearing down every wall of deception that traps God's lost and deceived children within.

Prophecy, the depth offered here in its totality, is not for the average Christian, it's for the elite corps, the special ops, of God's army. It's for those who will give it all for the love of God and the world. It is for the bride of Christ and the bride only. How much do you want Christ and His return?

Prophecy and this website (and its associated YouTube channels, blogs, etc.) wait for you...