Armageddon Film (Anime, 3D, Cartoon, etc.)

Note: the films are currently placed on hold in order to focus on the prophecy museum and library! 


To act as a hook, for the world at large with an emphasize on North America, to the study of prophecy, the prophetic visions of the Biblical books of Daniel and Revelation are being made into film. Plans are to release this film in differing styles (3D, anime, cartoon, etc.) to achieve the greatest coverage of the population across age.


In the works!

Preliminary Storyboards

storyboard for Revelation 1:1-3 storyboard for Revelation 1:4-6 storyboard for Revelation 9:1-3a storyboard for Revelation 9:1-2a
More to come!


In the works!


Nothing to show yet!

The Animatic will be available on YouTube.

Concept Art

Nothing to show yet!

Music Score

Nothing to show yet!


Nothing to show yet!

The film will be available on YouTube.