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Currently, just a single 44 y.o. guy living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada who has been studying prophecy passionately and fervently since 2015. Prophecy is clear! We are living in the closing moments of earth's history. Nothing separates us from Christ and His Second Coming. There are no events remaining to take place. The only thing that separates Christ and us is ourselves and our lack of commitment to Him. I for one do not want to see another war, death, disaster, sickness, or sorrow. For these reasons, I have committed the rest of my life to Christ and the work detailed on this website... to preaching the good news of the soon return of Christ! Please look at this website and at the associated YouTube pages and blogs and contact me if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or if there is anything else on your mind.

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If you feel this work is worth supporting... then first, pray for me and this work! This work is complex, time-consuming, and costly and I need God's strength, help, and constant guidance. Second, why not make a one-time (or many-time) donation for it at GoFundMe.com/Daniel-Decrypted-for-a-year or why not support it on an ongoing monthly basis at Patreon.com/DanielDecrypted. You can also support this work by purchasing research material (books) and/or equipment on Daniel Decrypted's Amazon Wishlist. Thanks for taking the time to look and read! Maranatha and God bless!

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