Screenshot of YouTube channel "Armageddon"

So how will this channel differ from the previous ones?

  1. It will include actual video of me, not just slides with me talking. How I will include the video of myself, I am not certain at this time.
  2. I will begin the slow process of converting the vision of Daniel 2, the vision of Daniel 7, etc. into 3D animation.
  3. I will include animation, 2D and 3D, wherever I can make it work. Suggestions are always welcomed.
  4. Music/soundtrack.
  5. I will be creating art for use throughout the presentations... (as soon as I become proficient at making it)... that is relevant, designed specifically to convey the message of prophecy as well as possible.

Any suggestions? Please contact me!

Multiple Paths of Study

Armageddon (the Main Study) - a study that takes the viewer through all of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, beginning in Daniel.

The Number of the Beast, 666 - a minor study and sub-study of the main study that jumps directly into the topic of the number of the Beast, 666.

The Beast of Revelation - a minor study and sub-study of the main study that jumps directly into the topic of the Beast of Revelation chapter 13.

The Antichrist - a minor study and sub-study of the main study that jumps directly into the topic of the Antichrist.

Why Prophecy - a minor study on the importance of prophecy in these last days. Old version from 5 Min 2 Eternity.

Structure, the Second Language of Prophecy - a run through some of the major structures in Daniel and Revelation. Not an explanation of any of these structures but a highlighting of the evidence for their existence. You must look for an explanation in the Main Study!

Main Study Episode Breakdown (with notes)

  1. Armageddon
    1. What is it? => Rev 16:14,16

      key "in the Hebrew tongue" - the key to understanding what Armageddon is, is in the phrase "in the Hebrew Tongue" indicating Armageddon is not a name but something to be translated. However, we have generally not gone far enough in translating.

    • Quote: "Armageddon", Strong
    • Quote: "Armageddon", Thayer
    1. Summary of Strong & Thayer => Armageddon = "mount of Megiddo"

      Problem - There is NO Mount of Megiddo!!! mentioned in the Bible.
      Does Megiddo mean something in Hebrew?

    • Quote: "Megiddo," Jones
    • Quote: "Megiddo," Strong
    • Quote: "Megiddo," Genesiruss, tr. Robertson
    • Quote: "Megiddo," Genesiruss, tr. Tregellus
    • Quote: "Megiddo," Genesiruss, tr. ???
    1. Summary "mount of Rendevous" (Strong), "mount of the crowd", etc.

      What is this mount of the crowd?
      Daniel and Revelation contain the answer. Both talk of one and only one specific mountain... Mount Zion, the mountain on which Jerusalem is built, the mountain on which the temple of Solomon once stood.

  2. Intro to the Prophetic book of Daniel
  3. introduction to Structure or the Structure of Daniel 2-7 or the message of Daniel 2-7: A Weapon for Our Times